Posted by: rachelanne229 | September 18, 2009

why we write, why you write, why i write

today i read an article in a school paper about why we write.  the author believed writing was an effective means of fighting fear.

at first i scoffed at this idea– after all, some people write to diffuse fear, to battle oppression, to ward off mental imprisonment, but most people who write do so because they feel they need to.  there’s a draw, a pull, a motivation to get something down on paper, a hard copy in front of you, where you can see it and read it and feel that it’s true and alive.

perhaps this is a way of fighting fear, or perhaps it’s a way of growing oneself.  are these actions one and the same?  i got to thinking, maybe that’s why we do write.  maybe we are all afraid of something and write about to it face it, to bring it to life and look it in the eye where we can discern that, hey, it’s really not so bad if it’s finite enough to get on paper.  but then i write to make physical extensions of myself.  until you write down your thoughts, they’re just wisps of incompleted fluff blowing around in your head.  with a memory like mine, that great idea about time and place and non-existence of random may be present and strong tonite, but by tomorro it’ll be diminished into a fragmented memory.  write it before you lose it!  so i write, to pull out these thoughts, to give them life and make them real, and in effect, build myself up.  by conscious thought we develop– not thru regurgitation of knowledge, not thru endless hours of reading, but by a structured effort to synthesize material we become creators and thereby GROW!

and this growth functions as a fear-buster.  at first glance, combatting fear and facilitating growth sound like quite different endeavors.  one is offensive, one is defensive.  but when you think of these goals as circular instead of linear, they join together perfectly at one point in a ring instead of residing at opposite ends of a line.  ultimately, fighting fear and inventing oneself (aka facilitating growth, creating, synthesizing, extending), blend into a common theme.


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