Posted by: rachelanne229 | September 21, 2009


there is just not enough john wayne left in the world today.  they should teach his style and attitude in schools today.  way too much metrosexual prepster hype going around.

anyway, the point i really want to bring up tonite is life’s simple pleasures.  take ice cream, a foot rub, a gift card to dunkin donuts, a warm muffin, a shared dinner, a big ol’ belly laugh, a crooked grin, popping the top of an ice cold coors light.  most of these revolve around eating, drinking, and making merry.  most people don’t need much money to be happy.  that’s not to say that money doesn’t buy happiness.  if i won a 100 grand tomorro, i’d be pretty damn happy, at least fleetingly.  i’d fly to australia again, dive, eat a lot of really good food, and spoil my friends and fam.  but realistically, life wouldn’t change a great deal.  i’d still be in school, still trying to get a job, still getting back to the grind every monday morning to git ‘er done and make something of myself.  it’s those small things that make it all worth it.  whether you’re rich or poor, you can always afford to laugh.

wow the sappiness is over-taking me tonite– that last line is pure cheese.  but it’s true, and it’s a little romantic, and it’s something to be happy about, so it stays.



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