Posted by: rachelanne229 | September 27, 2009


i’m quite interested in the idea of home.  home is where you begin and where you end.  the place your ideals are molded and your personality starts to take shape.  the place you retire to at the end of a productive life and are surrounded by a gaggle of kids and grandchildren and dogs (ok, ideally).  home is where the heart is.  country roads take me home.  sweet home alabame.  who says you can’t go home?  feels like home to me.  the idea of home is so relevant to modern culture, especially to my generation.  we’re all drifting away from the homes in which we grew up, this time a little more permanently than ever before.  i’m talking to friends who are moving out, and they tell me that their bedrooms are being converted to guest rooms and sewing rooms (and gun rooms in my case).  beloved, but perhaps juvenile, posters are being torn down, old running shoes are throw away out, racing equipment is given away, and the walls are given a good dusting.  parents are washing us out of their hair as fast as we can run away from home.

yet i feel a paradox in that as much as i’m trying to assert my independence, homesickness is pulling me right back into my family.  i want to jump in my car and speed the 7-8 hours home.  but for now, home is in cambridge, and this is where i’m here to stay.  the idea of the home as a place fascinates me.  this place is multi-functional and multi-faceted.  in studying anthropology, we always discussed the importance of “place” and how formative and reverent a place can be, even years after populations have moved on.

kind of comforting.  home will always be that place with the salamanders under rocks and a swingset in the dooryard, with a black dog wagging around in the sunshine.  after the trees have grown up and the rocks and logs have fallen down, what’s no longer a house can still be called a home.


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