Posted by: rachelanne229 | September 30, 2009

make it a double

some days you just wake up and say “mannn i am blessed.”  today and every day lately has been one of those days.  i can’t get over how blessed i am, and can’t realistically fathom how i could be anymore smiley without my jaw getting sore.  so so lucky.

how can i possibly gripe when i’ve got so much to be thankful for?

made pizza and had drinks with the roomies tonite.  FUN.

i honestly don’t think i’ve felt this warm and fuzzy since first grade.  now if i could only force myself to get some academics accomplished tonite.

i should be stressed right now, but i’m too…content.  and excited.  and giddy.  it’s like i went into a bar expecting to buy one drink, and then the bartender came over and gave me a double shot of jb for free.  the best things come at the least expected moments.  patience works wonders when you relax enough to trust it.

what am i most thankful for?  and if i had to change my life, become a better person, to keep it in my life, would i?  could i?  can we become better people despite our selfish tendencies?  can we become better people to hold onto what we love or is this struggle for good an exercise in futility?  i used to be a romantic before i was an idealist, and an idealist before i was a realist, but now i’m coming full circle and my romantic leanings are making an appearance.  so i like to think we can change.  i like to think we can truly be thankful and grateful, and if we have to be “better” to hold onto that which we love the most, there’s no need to think twice.  if you love someone or are passionate about something, you’ll move mountains to get where you need to be!

so i am just gonna enjoy that double (literally and figuratively) and just maybe start that homework.


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