Posted by: rachelanne229 | October 16, 2009

well, well, well

i’ve finally been nabbed by a nasty flu virus.  swine, or seasonal, i’m not sure and don’t really care.  either way, it’s forcing me to forego the festivities of bowdoin homecoming ’09, and i am fighting the urge to be bitter.  no late nites at ‘shua’s, no shivering at the bowdoin-hamilton football game, no shakin’ my booty to racer x’s rendition of “don’t stop believin’,” and no mcdonald’s with my bestie.  instead i am quarantined away in a cold apartment, wrapped in wool socks, a hot water bottle, and a fleece blanket writing discussion posts on pollutants from oil spills.  but on the bright side, i slept in till 10 am, i took a three-hr nap in the early afternoon, i recklessly turned the heat up to 70 degrees F, and i ate ice cream for breakfast.  i even watched an hour of scrubs and half of “hannibal” with no feelings of guilt or remorse for wasting time.  all is not lost.  my head is pounding, but i am getting well wishes from all around and many displays of kindness.  being sick is lame, but there are so many worse things i could be right now.  so i’m gonna have another scoop of triple chocolate ice cream and smile as i achily lay my shivering body down in front of some trashy tv.

be well.


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