Posted by: rachelanne229 | October 25, 2009

on the merits of baked goods

no, not those baked goods, don’t get all worked up.

today i went to market basket, and that place is a fiasco.  a bonified madhouse full of screaming, destructive children and angry hispanic managers.  but i sure was feeling festive– fall is in the air!  i bought cake ingredients, muffin mix, pumpkin bread mix, and came home with plans of baking up pumpkin chip cookies and apple pie.

after church i took a relaxing run in the sun along the perimeter of fresh pond.  the breeze was blowing and fallen leaves stirred around my feet as i crunched thru their remains.  the backs of my calves got nice and muddy in that dark, earthy mud you only get after spring and autumn rains.  as i cruised along to the sounds of dashboard confessionals, elderly couples strolled on the path ahead, runners bolted past, and wayward dogs wagged away in front of their owners, exerting their independence and splashing in the puddles while the helpless owners gazed happily out at the water.

took a shower, did laundry, and then the baking extravaganza commenced.  5 batches of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  definitely ruined my appetite for supper.  but what else could i hope for on a beautiful fall sunday?  warm pumpkin chips cookies on this day make life seem like a walk in the park.  a park filled with the smell of brilliant foliage and sunshine on fallen leaves.


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