Posted by: rachelanne229 | October 29, 2009

on the de-merits of halloween in fishnets

don’t get me wrong, i love candy.  and i really love reese’s.  i’m a Christian, but have nothing against the pagan nature of halloween.  scary movies and books and ghost stories are my favorite kinds, yet i cannot get myself in the halloween spirit this october.  i’ve carved a pumpkin, a damn evil one at that, and made pumpkin chip cookies (my grandmother’s recipe.)  (TWO BATCHES!), i baked pumpkin seeds and have mused over potential costumes and plans and parties with various friends.  tomorro nite i plan to get my scare on with “paranormal activity.”  the fall season is upon me– days are getting shorter (real short starting sunday), a brilliant spectrum of leaves is covering our apartment walkway, and i can’t stop myself from cranking up the oven and baking every single day, but who cares about halloween?!

i have never been an advocate for the objectificationof women, but i’m no feminist either.  my legs have seen their share of fishnets on october 31st and into the early hours of nov. 1st at that.  but for some reason, i can’t get excited about going to a party filled with sexy nurses and flirty school girls and lady gagas.  if i’m going to celebrate halloween, i want to be terrified.  i want it to be genuine.  to me, halloween is about haunted houses and misty graveyards and basking in the glow of your devilish jack-o-lantern.

maybe my feelings are a result of my break away from the college scene, but in my all-knowing halloween opinion, fishnets are appropriate 364 days of the year– don’t let them take away from the one real nite where it’s not only fun to be helplessly frightened, but it’s a downright duty!


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