Posted by: rachelanne229 | November 9, 2009

falling out of, then into place

human beings must be pretty fickle.  one day you wake up with all you ever wanted, and the next day it’s gone, you’re heartbroken, and a few months later you have the next “all you ever wanted.”  when is that magical moment where the transition from apathy to endearment flicks on like shaky fluorescent lighting that gradually becomes steady and overwhelmingly bright?

are we so shallow that we just want to be held and cared for, no matter who is doing the holding and caring?  possibly, but i don’t think so.  i think everyone needs someone to shower love upon, but people can adapt to loneliness. it’s important to be wary of moving deeper into a relationship for the sole reason that your significant other is crazy about you and you enjoy soaking up the affection.  “i love you because you love me” is not enough– there has to be an elemental fitting together.  this fitting together must not only outlast, but be burgeoned by time and travels.

speaking of love, i believe in giving voice to your opinions and taking credit for what you believe in.  anonymity and acquiescence are unacceptable.  so regarding #1, this is my take.  i have no right to judge who should or should not be married– that is either God’s call or the government’s call, but i have no authority to tell anyone that cannot marry.  that said, maine is a wonderful and progressive state.  how many other states have even entertained the thought of permitting gay marriage?  STOP RIPPING ON MAINE.  thank you.  also, i have gay friends, and their happiness is uppermost in my mind.  i also have dear friends and family in the highly-conservative county who strongly believe that gay marriage is wrong.  the two parties are both struggling for what they believe is right, and i don’t have the heart to talk poorly of either.  if my closest friend voted “yes,” she is most certainly not stupid or cold-hearted.  if i hear one more person imply this, i will write another blog exactly like this one, only fiercer.  conversely, if another close friend voted “no,” he is no more moral a person that his neighbor.  everyone is entitled to their beliefs, as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner.  these are my beliefs; i’m not afraid to voice them and i’ll defend them.

and go maine for getting this far!


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