Posted by: rachelanne229 | November 24, 2009


i firmly believe food is one of the top four pleasures of life (after spiritual peace, family pranks, and leg massages).  for this reason, Thanksgiving is my #4 fave holiday (after Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day).  just kidding, it’s way high up on the list, because if i’m lucky, on this day i get food, spiritual peace, family pranks, and occassionally, a leg massage.

in all seriousness tho, that first indulgent bite into a reese’s cup, the warm release and final crunch of garlic bread, and the very last bite of that onion-scented, ketchup-covered meatloaf delicacy are too much to resist!  i consider myself a fairly disciplined person in my daily activities, in that i’m not addicted to gambling, sex, meth, or vacuuming.  however, when i walk past that green bag of sour cream and onion chips, my fingers start twisting and my arm starts reaching and all reason and logic shut off.  no culinary self control.

to all the turkeys and potatoes and pies that have yet to be demolished, enjoy the tranquility while it lasts.  pretty soon you’ll be in mah belly and the day will truly be filled with spanks-giving.  (thank you, saturday nite comedian dressed in women’s garb!)


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