Posted by: rachelanne229 | November 28, 2009


in regards to living life, our breath is very shallow.  in and out, in and out, home and back every day.  routine is so safe and so comforting and so expected.  but routine isn’t the problem, the problem is that our routines are too NARROW and void of magnitude.  what i mean to say is that we (and by this i mean, sometimes myself, and sometimes the majority of people around the globe) are only living to a fraction of the capacity to which we are able.

responsibilities like rent, family, school, work, and cultural expectations weigh us down, but i think their power to hold us back is over-rated and that we reinforce these “excuses” because we lack bravery to truly experience life.

reading barbara kingsolver today, i found a new quote, which went something to the effect of, “words are merely covers for experiences.”  we talk and talk and talk and pretend that we are actually going to make something of our lives.  as i looked back thru my high school yearbooks yesterday while i was home for thanksgiving, all the senior quotes said something like, “go to school, get a great job, and become rich and famous!”  the ratio of hot air : actual success is so high.

i write this not to scold anyone, but to embolden and encourage myself to grow bigger.  i look at it this way:  i am sitting inside a box, and the box is my potential.  right now i am so tiny and the box is so huge, and i absolutely have got to grow to fit this potential.  when it comes to staying up late, watching seinfeld re-runs, having an extra beer, checking facebook one more time, and eating just onnnne more plate of tater-tots, i don’t have as much wiggle room as i first thought.

gotta crack down and get some more discipline in this life of mine!  my hot air : success ratio is about to decrease.  half marathon is gonna happen.  we have got to find ways to make more of ourselves.


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