Posted by: rachelanne229 | December 4, 2009


70 degrees yesterday, “snowstorm” tomorro.  what?!  dont’ tell me you don’t believe in global warming!

i was thinking this week about the map of the world.  the western continents are on the left, while the eastern continents are on the right.  eurocentric arrangement?  in our language, we read from left to right, and our eyes are trained to skip to the left-hand side of documents, artwork, photos, of course, maps of the world.  really, the map of the world would be geographically accurate if China were placed on the left-hand side.  our planet is, in fact, globular (love that word!)  if you’re chilling in outer space and looking down on Earth, you’ll find that as the Earth rotates, that the US will be in the western part of the planet sometimes, and China will be there other times.  the defining of “east” and “west” is quite arbitrary.  but i think that that the “western”-ers who drew out the world maps plopped the US right there on the left hand side with that same sense of “me-first” that our country is famous for.  hey, i probably would’ve done it too.  but that’s just b/c i’m a lefty thru and thru:)

and then there are those arabs who read from right to left, but i’m willing to bet they didn’t write the geography books.


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