Posted by: rachelanne229 | December 6, 2009

Born on a Tuesday

Born on a Tuesday

The day was cold and the snow silently fell.

“It was a simple proposal — one might say, disarmingly simple. [Laughter]” –Ronald Reagan

First the morning broke, then the water.

“This movement, like every movement, becomes a flight from the common denominator, from an attempt to elevate this denominator’s line, previously never reaching higher than the groin, to our heart, to our consciousness, to our imagination.” –Joseph Brodsky

Pushing, pushing.

“You are living the most difficult moments of the purification.” —Mary, through Don Stefano Gobbi

What a head of hair.

“Obviously, the concepts will be introduced at an introductory level—but the added time enables an expansion of topics.” –Sanford V. Berg

Hungry sobs.

“Every discovery takes place in more than a scientific context.” –Charles John Pederson

Momma sighs and smiles inside.

“I have been told that everybody has dreams, but that some people habitually forget them even before they wake up.” –Robert M. Solow

Inferred scenes from my birth alternated with quotes from Tuesday, December 8, 1987.  A little narcissistic, but I like it.


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