Posted by: rachelanne229 | December 14, 2009

old man and the dog

on the corner where i turn to head to the T station, there’s a big apartment building.  often i’ll see a very old man tenderly walking a very old dog around the parking lot under the building.  hunched over and white-haired, the man almost has to coax the big reddish dog with the gray in his muzzle to take one more step.  they both look stiff and tired, and move with a slowness only found in turtles and molasses.  but i can tell that the man and the dog are each others’ best friends, or at least have lived together long enough to get pretty well used to each other, and this poignant sight simultaneously makes me feeling like beaming and weeping, like i’m watching the sad, but sweet part of a chick flick that no one else gets emotional over.

i know i shouldn’t patronize him, but i hope when i’m 106 (because science is awesome and we’ll all live that long) that i’ll have a dog i can relate to and feel old with together.


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