Posted by: rachelanne229 | January 8, 2010

the healthy and the unhealthy

“the healthy and the unhealthy are not necessarily at opposite ends of the spectrum.”  -haruki murakami

YES!  he is so right.  i’m reading his “what i talk about when i talk about running” right now and it’s a masterpiece.  a simple, honest, inspired and inspirational masterpiece.  inside this book are so many ideas that i have had and have never known how to articulate or express them– i have never been able to explain to others (or at least non-runners) why i run, but murakami explains with ease, and he makes damn good sense, too.

back to the healthy and the unhealthy.  i’m stealing this from murakami’s book, but using it as mine own at the same time, since i’ve bought into this idea as well.  some people are health nuts and others are on the path to physical destruction.  i, myself prefer a selection of habits that characterize, well, me!  some are healthy, some are not, but i prefer not to give them labels; what i do is simply how i am.

for example, i run a lot.  not a million miles, but very regularly.  i imbibe bourbon whiskey regularly as well.  during the non-holidays, i am quasi-religious about eating my carrot sticks and apples and low-fat yogurt and whole wheat bread, yet i dive into mint chocolate chip ice cream like there are gold coins waiting for me at the bottom.  i floss, i take calcium, i drinks lots of water, but i like to spice up this routine with a few choice activities that are certainly not always interpreted by the layperson as “healthy” per se, physically, mentally, psychologically, and on and on.

but here’s the thing, and here’s where murakami and i are in deep agreement: to be great, to be you as only you can be, to reach your finest potential, there’s no sense in sticking to an austere lifestyle or one that is devoid of healthful choices.  the unhealthy and the healthy play off each other to keep you sane, to keep you entertained, to keep you rejuvenated, to keep you creative.  if you don’t break the rules every now and then, you’ll go crazy trying to stay inside the bounds of the “healthy” spectrum.



  1. Nice, I like this. I work out and eat pretty healthy but I also love sweets and drink occasionally. Those things are not mutually exclusive, they’re just me! 🙂

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