Posted by: rachelanne229 | January 27, 2010

everybody’s gotta eat

the extent of our government’s ability to hurt and to heal is phenomenal.  several countries accuse the united states of being selfish and cruel (true in some regards), but this country is like a family member who sees its relative broken and hurting, and will not pretend to ignore the suffering.

my opinions on the US involvement in haiti: i am a Christian, and i believe it is our responsibility to help the poor, feed the hungry, protect those in need, etc.  i truly believe those with greater resources are obligated to aid those in poverty, especially after facing catastrophe.  BUT haiti is a dump, full of corruption.  who says it is the US’s responsibility to rebuild what has been lost to the haitians, thru no fault of our own?  (or theirs).  in our country, unemployment is in the double digits, we have a $1.3 trillion deficit, health care is a mess, and hard-working families are still struggling to put their kids thru college.  will there be any social security left for me and my generation?  will i be able to retire?  these are valid questions that are all centered around dollar symbols.

i don’t want to see my money pouring out of this country for years to come to help re-establish another country to which i have no earthly ties.  yet, like so many other americans, i sent a donation to the haiti relief efforts.  some may find these acts and feelings contradictory.  i do.  how long do we help haiti?  how much do we give?  how much do we take from our own stores to give to someone else who will never be able to re-pay what we have given?  yet we are unable to watch a country get decimated and withhold our aid.  the world may hate the united states, but this country is still the land i love, and no one can say we’re not leading the relief efforts in the disaster that is haiti.  we are donating money, time, troops, food, and diverting these resources from places (here) where they are much-needed and could be well-used.

i am proud to live in a country that is benevolent to others in their times of distress, yet i hope we can find resources to help those struggling on our soil as well.  we have not lost 150,000 people, or our homes and businesses, or our ability to sustain ourselves, but we are still facing real and frightening challenges that need to be addressed.  prayers for haiti!

yes, i am a democrat.


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