Posted by: rachelanne229 | February 23, 2010

chocolate peanut butter fudge!

today was a fabulous day.

i slept in till 7:30, and ate a delicious breakfast of raisin bran with my banana.

plankton dynamics went by faster than lightning, and then i snagged some free animal crackers from the grad lounge before my workout.  i sweat thru  my shirt at the gym, busting my ass for 70 mins.

next, i had a delicious lunch of leftover spinach and chicken stuff from last nite, and snagged more snacks from the grad lounge– this time, oreo cakesters.  i was particularly excited to try them for the first time.

i did some stats reading and got ahead on TA work, then finished up my chem homework  half an hour before it was due.  speaking of chem, we got out 35 minutes early.  my train was super-fast, and i was home while it was still light out.

to top it off, i have no homework tonite.  i made a delicious meal of garlic pasta with chicken, spinach, and tomatoes in butter sauce, and finished it off with chocolate pudding and whip cream.  now i’ve just made chocolate peanut butter fudge.

tell me life isn’t good?!  i guess my definition of good pretty much revolves around food, and not having a hard day at school.  it’s the little things.

and really, it is the little things, i have realized.  not the grand, sweeping events of a momentous  natures, but the tiny little daily pleasures that matter the most.


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