Posted by: rachelanne229 | February 28, 2010

where the green grass grows

you know that feeling: you’re laying on some soft green grass mid-summer, eyes closed.  the sun is shining down and warms you and the ground around you.  you can hear the light buzzing and flying and rustling of trees and birds and bees in the background.  and everything is bright and clear and peaceful and you never want to go inside.

to me, that’s what falling in love feels like.  i can see why people never stop trying to find love– it may not feel like warm grass to everyone, but most could describe a similar scene of contentment.  it’s like a craving, like an addiction, like not being able to say no to just one more piece of chocolate fudge.  if you’re outside laying in the sun and a cloud rolls over you, you aren’t fully content again till it passes away and you feel that familiar warmth.


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