Posted by: rachelanne229 | March 31, 2010

general linear model, what?

if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  right?

WRONG!  well, sometimes.  i’ve heard that some people are hesitant to write because they feel they have nothing profound or thought-provoking to say.  well, that’s not the purpose of writing..  i think one of the best reasons to write is to get in touch with yourself.  it’s really a very cathartic, if not selfish, activity.  writing forces you to feel around your head and delineate your thoughts into actual ideas.  in short, writing makes you think, and it makes you develop perspective.

for the past 3 hours i’ve been gouging my eyes out over stats hmwk.  my class was never taught how to handle this homework or analyze this data, and we weren’t really given criteria for what our professor even wanted to see in the answers.  i feel like i’m trying to fine-tune electrical wires inside a car when i am still ignorant of its basic mechanics (insert toyota quip here).

tonite i thought and thought and thought my way to nothing but a vast abyss of confusion out in the wide blue yonder of statistics software, and let me tell you, that is a scary place to be.  but even tho i have nothing profound to say tonite, just the simple act of writing pulls me back from the abyss and into my own self.  it gets my stats disappointments cleared away and puts the real priorities into perspective.

10-pt stats hmwk vs. sitting in a warm bed with a full belly and a nite of restful sleep in t-30 minutes.

thanks, writing.


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