Posted by: rachelanne229 | May 1, 2010

maybe baby

my goals today included: running, grocery shopping, and copious amounts of hmwk.  at least the running got done.  the weather was beautiful today and i went for a run around tufts, which was having its spring day (i.e. Ivies, but not as ballin), and i just happened to run into a dude i have not seen since my stint in australia.  such a small and random world.  anyway, i got a little sun on me, and got some exercise, and got a street pot.  no, not drugs, but a pot in a pile of free stuff on someone’s lawn.  the roomsters and i have 4 tiny pots, one ginormous pot, and now we have a nice medium-sized blue pot.  chyeah!  ps, this is not sketchy.  well, maybe it is, but we furnished 7/8 of our apartment with street accoutrements,  so it’s cool.

the past few weeks have been a blur.  got some interesting tidbits going on in the personal life, and am quite pleased.  more to follow, maybe.  school has been busy as i proposed my thesis research to my committee, graded papers, tried to keep up with the mundane homework and labwork, went out on a boat (i’m on a BOAT), presented a last-minute poster, and belted out a scholarship application.  oh yeah, and secured funding for the summer– YES.  juanita wrote me a very nice letter of rec in which she claimed i was in the top 2% of students she’s advised.  made me warm and fuzzy:)  all throughout school and college you receive updates and progress reports and comparisons to other students re: grades and performance, but when you get to grad school, grades become almost irrelevant and everybody does his/her own research, and standards for comparison start to dissolve.  so i was pretty pumped to get some sort of acknowledgment that i’m actually doing ok at this grad school thing!  3 weeks left of my first year, and then the summer research begins.

got a pair of vibram five fingers KSOs, my life is pretty much changed.  enough said.  actually, my calves really hurt, but in a good, good way.  my knees, however, do not hurt at all.  life is wonderful.

anyway, i feel light and fluttery and very contented with the direction my life is moving.  sounds like a good time to hit the hay.



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