Posted by: rachelanne229 | May 19, 2010


today i got a fantastic reminder of something i always try to tell myself, but often forget in the busy-ness of my life.  i was reading “born to run,” and one of the runners was being described as carefree and reckless and silly and…happy!  she went careening thru life at top-speed (not just figuratively– one of the fastest female ultrarunners in the WORLD), and never looked back to give voice to regrets.  she vowed to stop doing things when they stopped being fun, read hunter s. thompson, dropped out of college to write poetry, and partied so hard she got carried out of frat parties.  maybe that’s not the ideal lifestyle for each of us, but i love the message.  do what you love for as long as you love it, and do it with heart.

these few paragraphs re-charged my attitude.  i get all “blah” sometimes in the drudgery of my routine.  school, research, dishes, run, shower, sleep, emails, phone calls, cleaning, homework, and can feel like the humor and the joy get vaporized at the end of long days.  but (cliche warning), i’ve got to remember, life is short and i’m 22!  what do i really have to be stressed about?  i mean, yes, i have a horrible addiction to chocolate pudding that is wreaking havoc on my training diet, but let’s put this into perspective!

inspiration hit me today and i feel so enthused.  i want to go out and run and jump and write and create!  everyday we are presented with opportunities to smile and accept joy.

my first piece of joy today (after my midday nap): my first green monster smoothie!  it was SO DELISH!  2 big handfuls of spinach, a banana, pineapple, chia seeds, and vanilla yogurt, with a dollop of pb w/ flaxseed, granola, peanuts (yes, please, nut overload!), and of course a ton of whipped cream!

here’s to approaching life with a smile, and not giving events more weight than they deserve:)  every day, every single day, follow the inspiration and blast thru the good times.


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