Posted by: rachelanne229 | May 25, 2010

it’s a beauty!

haven’t worked out for TWO WEEKS, ahhh i’m going crazy.  losing my mind.  bats in my belfry.  whatever, i can’t wait till monday till my self-imposed exercise-vacation is over.  my foot is causing me some trouble (read: i’m afraid it’s a stress fracture based on the vff discussion boards, but whatevski), so i think i’ll stay away from running for a while longer.  definitely some elliptical and bike, maybe some pool running in there.  also, pilates doesn’t cause the pain to flare up much.  but in the meantime, i’ve been working on my pushups.  i just completed week 4 tonite, booyah!

now let me set the stage.  this is a colossal challenge.  29-33-29-29-40+ with 2 mins rest between each set.  i got home tonite from lab and was like SHIT, i have postponed my pushups all day, it’s time to cowboy up and git ‘er done.  but instead i made a very yummy and chilled strawberry-banana-pineapple smoothie, and then some parmesan couscous for supper.  now it was time to do pushups.  but no, i decided to watch an hour or so of two and a half men.  i mean, i can’t miss quality weeknite re-runs.  NOW i couldn’t put off the pushup pain any longer.  but wait!  Born to Run was getting so good on the T, i needed to finish my chapter, which turned into half an hour of reading.  after my little reading splurge, i grabbed my watch and my paper with pushup totals on it, and dropped to my hands and toes.  the time had come!

sometimes workouts are really scary.  or races, or any feats that you just know are going to bring about a significant amount of discomfort.  i knew this workout was going to do just that for me, so i shot up a little prayer.  i don’t know if God’s biggest concerns relate to helping me finish a pushups workout, but i figured it was worth a shot.  and right as i started my first set, the verse of Jesus Loves Me, “they are weak, but He is strong,” started resonating in my head.  this made me laugh out loud and gave me the chutzpah to keep pumping my arms  until i finished the workout.  it’s the little things!  in the grand total of life, this little workout amounts to hardly anything, but really, it turned out to be the highlight of my day.

which included sun on the dock, dissolving jellyfish, and brilliant blue stain, so you know it’s good;)  two thumbs up!


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