Posted by: rachelanne229 | June 2, 2010


this afternoon i got my very own cambridge public library card.  to most, this does not seem like a significant accomplishment, but i am freakin excited!  while i was standing at the library desk, being waited upon very a soft-spoken, cardigan-wearing young woman, i felt FOR THE FIRST TIME in the nine months since i’ve moved to the boston area, a warm fuzzy sense of community.  i am not sure from whence this emotion came; perhaps the kids behind me giddily talking about how harriet the spy was their FAVORITE book in the whole world!, or the sweet high-schooler who saw me coming from the other side of the door and moved aside to hold the door open for me, and maybe this emotion came from the exciting notion that i now share with the community of cambridge so many books!

ever since i was a tot, my mom would take the sis and me to the PI library on saturday mornings.  we’d max out our library cards (10 books) and feel like schoolgirls (oh wait, we were), at the thought that all these new books were at our disposal.  saturdays became my favorite day of the week because of this magical outing, and during the week, i would often devour an entire chapter book a day at my babysitter’s house.  i LOVE to read.  i love to read, i love to think about what i’ve read, and i love to create new things to read.  now, i am not particularly good at any of these things, but that’s never stopped me!

in the olden days (anywhere from forever ago till the pre-internet era), women found a sense of community by participating in activities that other women in the community enjoyed doing, well, communally.  for example, my grandmother used to square dance and get involved in church suppers.  my other grandmother played dice with friends (but not on sundays, because that would be considered gambling).  but in the MODERN days, these sorts of activities don’t exist anymore.  they aren’t stylish, and they have fallen by the wayside.  yes, i find a small sense of community at the davis sq. church i regularly attend, but this “community” mostly consists of a few words with old ladies before i leave.  yes, i have some peer interaction at school, but most of us commute a long way to school each day and get outta there as soon as possible.

so, in these modern days, what is fashionable?  what can we young professional ladies (man i like the sound of that) do in our spare time to keep our minds occupied by more wholesome notions than those involving dessert and drunk dialing (and by these examples, i only refer to myself)?  i mean, this is boston afterall– there have to be some stimulating and community-building activities somewhere in this place.

there are running clubs, but my injury level is kind of “eh,” there is my church youth group, but i feel more at home in a nursing home, so that leaves….BOOK CLUB!  summer (or more year-round) book club coming soon, whether joining or starting.  reading = thinking and enjoyed, but book club = thinking and enjoying with others, which ultimately = COMMUNITAY.  finally:)



  1. I loved saturdays the most too! Do a book club, it’s a good idea.

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