Posted by: rachelanne229 | June 20, 2010

umm, can you please MOVE?!

first off, i have to say that i just ate 7 mint oreos, and i feel that my life is now complete.  nothing could interfere with the divine happiness i am experiencing right now!

now that i made myself look like a fatkid, i think it’s appropriate to explain that i ran/walked/moved by body over 15 miles yesterday.  i woke up early to assist allison (my new job as a fill-in personal care assistant), which involved about 2 mi of walking to the T and her place and back.  i came back and ran a hot 5 mi, but that was just not enough!  the day was beautiful and inspiring, and i strapped on my vffs and did another 5-mi loop.  happy dogs and happy people jogged and walked and scampered around Fresh Pond, and i felt so elated to be outside on a gorgeous weekend day.  finally, i got in another 3 mi walking to and from nick’s party.  a pretty decent day, and i hardly felt the “work” part of the working out because i was having such a lovely time.  my body really loves miles.

actually, most people’s bodies do.  i truly believe the human body was designed to run.  and if you don’t believe me, you at least have to agree that the body was designed to move, and to spend a considerable amount of time doing so.  until ~2010, i could never understand what possessed people to run marathons.  the people i’d talked to who had run them used words like “miserable,” “agony,” and “torture” in their descriptions of the races.  what sane person would shell out $50-$150 for the chance to run 26.2 mi?  I WOULD, I WOULD!

it’s all about perspective, folks.  mind over matter, if you will.  to some, the prospect of waking up at 6 am most summer mornings to run some ungodly distance when most of your neighbors are cozy in their beds and aren’t even entertaining the idea of waking up to go get Verna’s doughnuts for another four hours (!), is just intolerable.  after all, running is not fun– it is painful, it is exhausting, it is hot and sweaty and grimy, and it takes too much damn time.  20-mi runs– really?!  let’s just sleep in a couple hours, put in 5 miles, and call it good.

yup, this is how i thought about marathon training up until the early weeks of 2010.  i thought of people who ran marathons as some inhuman class of super-elite athletes who were so bonkers that i could never/would never want to consider myself one of their bizarre club.  then i went and signed up for the maine marathon.

here’s why:

self indulgence.  wait– isn’t that the opposite of torture and agony and misery?  sometimes yes, but maybe not.  sometimes i think i have a little bit of an obsessive personality, and i like to go “all the way” in whatever i like to do (i.e. eating).  so when i got out of college and started thinking, “hmm, i’m an adult now, what do i want to get out of my early adult years?,” the answer made itself pretty clear.  “do what you already do, but make it count.”  pretty much the only thing i really do on a daily basis besides eat too much and sleep too little is run.  so running has become cathartic to me.  the more miles i cover, the better i feel (mentally, at least.  my knees and foot may disagree).  i have come to find joy in something that was once a chore.  this awesome transformation occurred as i realized that i could push myself beyond discomfort and endure.  once that hard part was taken care of, i started to take pride in my ability to pony up, and eventually, running stopped being a hassle and turned into a release.  so if i feel that running 5 mi early every morning is a fulfilling form of self-indulgence, can’t you see why i signed right up for 26.2?!

every extra mile is another piece of freedom.

and this post is a tribute to my sincere hope that everyone has the opportunity to move enough to feel this sense of freedom.


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