Posted by: rachelanne229 | June 29, 2010

cheeseburger macaroni?!

well, they tell you never to grocery shop hungry.  and they are right.  after i got my car back yesterday (hallefreakinlujah!), i immediately booked it to the liquor store and to buy food, for obvious reasons.  i still actually can’t drink too much since the accident, and get quite loopy from one beer.  i had THREE last nite w/ ashton, however, so that was redonkulous, but that’s another story.  back to market basket.  it was 5 pm when i got there, and i was hungry like the wolf.  because erica and paigey are coming this weekend, i wanted to stock up on a little extra food that i wouldn’t normally buy.  my cart usually only contains produce, a loaf of bread, some ground beef, and chocolate pudding when i’m shopping for myself, and i figured this diet could use some spicing up.  normally i also try to avoid foods w/ partially hydrog oils and HFCS and lots of sodium, but last nite i said eff it.  i practically bought out the frozen foods section.  i also got paid yesterday (for the first time in SIX WEEKS, thanks UMB….), so i figured that, dammit, now that my rent and credit card and autobody bills are finally paid, i’m gonna eat what i want!  and then my eye caught the chef boyardee “cheeseburger macaroni” and i had to have it.  i felt like the 7-yr old version of myself in toys ‘r us seeing that pet store polly pocket, or the 15 yr-old version of myself at the quoggy jo ski sale seeing a brand new pair of t-powers, only i had grown up to the 22-yr old version of myself standing in a crowded aisle of market basket lusting over this salty mess.  got it and ate it tonite.  so bad, but so good.

in other news, after the “plymouth debacle,” as i am now referring to it, in which the biatch-lady asked her husband to run over me because i couldn’t move my car out of a parking space due to my dead battery, my life has become much less stressful.  and my friend ashton was in town last nite, so we ventured to central sq. for some drinks and conversation.  it was fun, and we are pretty much the same person living in 2 different places.  also went on a harbor cruise to see some of the islands (for work, ha!)

i have this vague inkling that i planned to write something substantial and intelligent tonite, but the past couple nites have only afforded me a GT of 9 hours’ sleep, so any hopes of intelligent writing are pipe dreams anyway.  also, i really need to take a shower.  i am salty and sticky, and i need to rest up.  i’m spending tomorro morning grading undergrad writing portfolios, and that is just exhausting.  good work done today with the jellies.  took some pics of my experiments, even tho hardly any proteins stained for me today.  will try again tomorro.  that’s science for ya.

3 DAYS TILL GAGA.  i may or may not have purchased pink hotpants for this momentous event.  just sayin.


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