Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 5, 2010

on the virtues of ratchety old fans

the ‘burbs of massachusetts are so bloody hot.  i could take an icy shower, wrap myself in frozen peas, and sip a chilled pbr simultaneously, and i would still find myself sweating.  usually, my old lady ways would dictate that i hop in bed about this time of nite, but this friggin heat is saying otherwise.  i tried to read some good ol’ stephen king because he can always get me in the mood for bed, but there is too much action going on in “lisey’s story” and it’s making me hot.  so i’ll just set my ratchety old fan on my computer and do a little writing and see if i can lose a degree or two.

today was the fifth of july.  i fully planned on trekking in to work/school, but my advisor’s poor communication skills deterred me from this plan, and i instead delighted in getting a full nite’s sleep (as opposed to my combined 30  hours over the past 7 days), and taking an hour to eat breakfast.  i also spent long chunks of my day chatting with friends and family, cooking a penne/sausage/tomato/spinach dish for an early supper (there’s nothing wrong with eating at 4:30), braving the crowds at market basket, and delighting in some cookie dough froyo.

after my early supper i figured i couldn’t go wrong with “a clockwork orange,” which has been stagnating on my computer for a couple months.  for some reason my ideas about this movie became intertwined with my ideas about agent orange, and i expected it to be about war and chemicals.  i’m more of a bruce willis and johnny depp type of girl, but am not a movie genre snob and was willing to give war and chemicals a fighting chance.  despite my preconceptions, a clockwork orange doesn’t have much to do with war or chemicals, at least in the sense that i was expecting, and i found myself in for a rather horrifying two hours in the mind of stanley kubrick.  i’m not sure what adjectives i would use to describe this movie;  i’ll have to do some more thinking about it.

needed a beer, and a lawn chair, and some glucosamine chondroitin + MSM.  i am such a little consumer this weekend.  ugh.

the biggest part of my day was probably my walk to fresh pond.  it was hot, but rather nice.  the only unpleasant part involved the swarms of little flies that stuck to my face and the corners of my lips and that indentation in my neck as i tried to swerve around them.  you can swerve and duck and dodge all you like, but i’ve learned that you will inevitably plow your sticky face right into these swarms of little bugs, so you might as well just hold your breath and squint your eyes and blast right thru.

alright, time to make another attempt at bed.  GNAGL.


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