Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 5, 2010


they say bad things happen in threes.  i hope they’re right, cuz i am not too keen on dealing with any more ugliness of this caliber for at least another decade.  if bad things come in fours, i think it’s only fair that i’m issued a “reset” button, or at least an “undo.”  luckily, silver linings abound in difficult situations, and i was privy to this silver lining early sunday morning.

let me explain: there have typically been three types of people who really mean something in my life– boyfriends, best friends, and family members.  each plays a different role, and shows love in a unique way.  usually a 22-yo girl like me is only sure of unconditional love from one of these sets, her family (if that), but i am fortunate enough to feel unconditional love from TWO!  i know that my family and my best friend will always ALWAYS be there.  my best friend just so happened to be visiting this past weekend, and when a couple girls who have known each other since they were five get together on a bi-yearly visit in the midst of lady gaga and beer and bad things in threes, something big is bound to happen.

when these emotions find their way out of your heart, the medicine you need most is a friend who has known you since kindergarten.  this person knows your goofy quirks, your insecurities, your biggest triumphs, your sense of humor, and all the ups and downs of the past years.  and sometimes when life gets overwhelming, you sit down with this person who truly knows you, and who loves you anyway and loves you still, and she tells you she doesn’t know how you feel and she doesn’t know if it will be ok, but she is willing to stay up all nite to sit and talk and be with you until you say everything you need to say.

and then you switch, and you hear her pains and her problems and you hug each other and hold hands and cry till the sun comes up because you’re both 22, and i don’t care what they say, 22 is a harder age than 15.  and then the morning’s come, and the new day becomes a metaphor for how you live your life.  you felt darkness last nite and you know it’ll be back, but for right now, the sun is out and the day is yours to enjoy.  you forget you even cried last nite and just feel blessed to have a friend who knows you inside and out, no matter how far away she may live and how much time may pass before you see her again.

so yeah, life is tough, but we all knew that already.  the MIRACLE is not in avoiding the toughness or pretending it’s not there, but in having a person, whether boyfriend, best friend, or family member, who loves you.  so Life, i think you’re a bully and can be pretty full of yourself, but it’s cool because after you punch me in the liver, i have someone who will pull me up, pour a lil whiskey down my throat, and turn me around to face you again.


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