Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 12, 2010

oh heyy, i remember you!

why garth brooks is king:

“…rushing headlong in the wind, out where only dreams have been, burnin’ both ends of the night”

this quote: doesn’t it just make you want to sing it?

anyway, finally finished off the penne-sausage-spinach-tomato-white bean-garlic concoction i made last week.  that thing was all i ate for a week, and it started out delicious, but was pretty much gag-inducing by sunday when i forced down the last of it.  in celebration, i made homemade pizza sauce, and then tonite, i made nachos w/ ground turkey, ranch, baked beans, salsa, my sauce, and melted cheese.  quite exquisite, but i ate so much, over 5 hours ago now, that i am still absolutely full.

got a notice from the USPS today saying they missed me and had a certified letter for me to pick up at the PO.  yikes?!  i think these things can’t really bring good news.

today was a cross training day, so i decided i wanted to walk 5.  did fresh pond, where one of my students, shirtless and sweating, biked past me, then doubled back to say hi.  saw some shiny dude biking really close to me in my periph vision and scared me.  then before i realized who it was, i was obviously checking him out, because if there’s a sweaty male chest at face level, you can’t help but look, and then felt awkward because i realized who it was.  and i just don’t usually see students shirtless!  i mean, i never see my students shirtless…

lots of cleaning to do upon arrival back at the homestead after the large celebration of food and drink my roommate had w/ 20ish ppl last nite.  tanya tackled the dishes while i did the floors and trash, and i was so thankful, because i severely dislike eggs, and there were so many pad thai pans and pots and woks and bowls!  and i was just really glad to have her back from maine:)

ANOTHER THING about today: my high school boyfriend called me up!  i hadn’t heard from him forever, and was so happy to catch up.  hearing from him always reminds me of my teenage self and of the simpler and more genuine parts of life, where i would say “lovely” and giggle nonsensically and ride on the backs of motorcycles.  in a place (effing massachusetts, the state i cursed at least 80 times today, out loud and in my head) where i so often feel like i don’t fit in, i felt refreshed to talk to someone also struggling to find a sense of home in a city in the northeast.  and it was nice that it was someone who has common roots with me and understands what i mean when i say, “this chain-link fence is sucking out my soul!”  he’s a quality person, and talking to him makes me feel like a quality person, and that little treat put an extra spring in my step this evening:)


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