Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 22, 2010

want a little piece of heaven? here’s a mcchicken!

just got back from a quality supper at mickey d’s with bestie.  don’t judge!  this meal was just what the doctor ordered: fatty, salty, sweet, and comforting after a hectic week of work.  tgaf.  (thank God, ALMOST friday!)

i finished off my day with high hopes to get lots of work done tonite, but i am bamboozled.  ok, i’m not really bamboozled, but i really wanted to use that word today and i figured this entry was my chance.  “bushed” is more like it.  i was at least going to do some banking, read a few papers, and prepare for my meeting in the morning, but goodness, i just can’t keep my eyes open.  i’ve been getting up at 5 this week, either because i wake up that early or have to pee and can’t fall back to sleep, or because i want to run.  i very much enjoy the mornings; they are quiet and lovely and are the part of the day in which i find the most peace.  i also like the people with whom i share the mornings, and the dogs.  there are lots of dogs and people running and walking in the mornings, and seeing them makes me happy.  i ran past a park at 6:30 this morning and there was a dad with his kid on the swings.  at 6:30?!

went to the zoo this weekend with the high school boyfriend.  i love that kid, and will always love that kid, and it was so nice to spend time with one of the few people who really knows me inside and out.  almost like old times, only more grown up.  i was pleased to see that we’ve both matured and learned about ourselves, but when we started talking, we still found those 15-yr olds inside of us.  sweet memories.  and the zoo was awesome!  my favorite were the giraffes, but i was also particularly fond of this guy:

my, what flat teeth you have!

actually, she’s a girl, a cow to be exact.  and she produces lots of very nutritious milk.  the things you learn at the zoo:)

also, i saw inception.  i hate to be cliche, but HELLS YES.  what a mindfuck.  i maintain that the top keeps spinning at the end.  that baby doesn’t fall.  i also recently viewed shutter island, because i adore thrillers/scarers, and because the movie was filmed on long island of the boston harbor islands, which happens to be particularly close to home, i mean, school.  good movie, but my mind was not as effed as everyone told me it would be.  leo’s outcome was way more unpredictable in inception, altho both movies got me to thinking that i was at least partially crazy.  i think believing you’re partially crazy is healthy every once in a while; it opens the creative glands and pushes you out of the scientific rut.

that scientific rut: i’ll leave it alone today.  i’m in it, but rocking back and forth a little bit like a car stuck in the mud and flinging dirt everywhere, but almost ready to bust out.  spent most of the day with my eyes in a scope counting gel aggregations made of proteins (stained purple) and carbs (stained blue) with a clicker.  also got a new aquarium for my jellies, but the intake has devoured the two smallest, sadly.  hopefully the bigger ones will be able to withstand the suction.  also working on revamping the EEOS website.  it’s gonna be BIG, folks!  my proudest moment will occur when the grad students get their own pages to explain their research and put some sweet pics up.

scientific rut

alrighty, the mcd’s coma and tired eyes and early morning are catching up to me.  here we are, still on the nether side of 8 pm, and i’m getting myself psyched up to get to bed.  it’s not even dark out and i can still smell grilling.  maybe i’ll do the dishes and eat some IC or watch a lil quality tv if i can keep my boggled peepers open till 9.  i need to dig out my birth certificate to prove to myself i’m not 80 years old.


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