Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 26, 2010

over the hill (the big 5-0)

last week i hit a milestone, a PR, a really effing cool thing!  i ran 50+ miles in a week for the first time ever!  now this number is minuscule compared to what many people can do (like the ones who can go 50 mi in a DAY), but for me, someone’s who’s never hit 40 in a week and tops out around 30-35, this was big stuff.  after being plagued with injuries since january and having to swim and elliptic (yeah, a word), and bike in place of my sacred running, and buying knee braces and orthotics and five fingers and chia seeds and protein drinks and glucosamine and resting…I’M BACK, baby!  my running over the past week felt so strong and so fresh, and like it was upwelling from some place inside of me that i can only rarely tap.  this week i’m tired (only a little walking today), and luckily my mileage will be significantly lower, but i’m still glowing.  so grateful for healing of injuries and health.  for foods that can make me strong and a love of this activity that has truly become a part of me.

i’ve been running since i was 10 (ohh yeah middle school cross country!), but i didn’t feel like running was a PART of me until last october.  i don’t know what came over me.  i had settled in after moving to boston at the beginning of september, and classes, relationships, and everything about life seemed to be going well.  i was ready to take on something more; i felt like i had the “something extra” to expend on turning something i previously did a few days a week into a full-fledged lifestyle.  i liken it to a couple finally deciding that they’re ready for kids.  well, last october, i really wanted a dog, but since Joe the landlord isn’t in to that sort of thing, i settled on adopting “running.”  a lifestyle, an attitude, something to commit to, something to center me.  and center me it does, which is why i’m so thankful my injuries have healed.  when i’m scared, when i’m confused, when i’m stressed, or when i’m downright jubilant and excited, i will keep lacing up those asics.  they get me where i need to be.



  1. I too “adopted” running after graduating college! I had no idea how much I loved it till I could dedicate more time to it. Why didn’t I realize how amazingly strong and proud running could make you feel until recently? Silly me…Again, congrats on your 50 mile week! 🙂

  2. I’m so proud of you Rach!

  3. thanks guys:)

    lindsay: good luck on your move back to CO!
    dee: DRIVE SAFE TODAY! xo

  4. Lovely post! And congrats on your super mileage week and healing from all your injuries!

  5. thanks, Julia! i hope you’re having luck finding a roof to get over your head in the very near future…!

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