Posted by: rachelanne229 | July 29, 2010

how to catch gangrene

the past couple weeks i keep waking up and wondering where the hell my arms are because I CAN’T FEEL THEM! then i’m like, oh shit, they’re flung up above my head and are absolutely and positively numb. sometimes i am lucky and only one of my arms is in this unfortunate position, and i can grab the other gumby-esque limb with my functional hand and awkwardly drag it down into its rightful spot– below the level of my heart where it can receive ample bloodflow to remain alive. the last time this happened tho, both my arms were up so high above my head that i was unable to feel anything up to my shoulders, and couldn’t move either arm in the slightest. the only remedy for this downright embarrassing situation is to use your abs to pull your torso up from the bed and let your limp arms flop down to your sides. a display such as this is none too attractive. i have a sinking suspicion that lack of blood flow to the arms can lead to pretty undesirable consequences (ie permanent nerve damage leading to inability to brush my teeth, put on mascara, eat ice cream, etc), especially when this condition is ongoing throughout the nite, so i’m hoping tonite i can break the cycle and will be able to fall asleep in a manner somewhat more beneficial to the health of my poor little arms!


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