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Road Trip Extravaganza 2010: Days 1-3, ME-VT-NY


Friday, 6 August 2010

Dee and I kicked off our trip at Aunt Becky and Uncle Phil’s house in South Berwick, ME.  Dee drove down from PI and I up from Cambridge.  Poor Dee got stuck in 2+ hours of traffic due to an oil spill/accident on 95, and at one point, had to drive north on the southbound lanes of the highway before she could turn around and head south on Rt. 1.  I also got stuck in traffic getting out of Mass, so unfortunately we were late for our lunch date at Margarita’s with Aunt Becky.  I made a pit stop at a grocery store in Dover to fuel up on sour gummy worms for my poor sis and Coke Zero for me, and I got into Aunt Becky’s around one.  We grabbed some subs and copious pastries from a local sub shop, and hung out till Deidre pulled in around 2.  I had a chance to catch up with my sweet lil aunt, who was just about to give her Masters presentation (she graduated the next day, wooo!), and check out her beautiful new house.  We ate a delicious lunch (our first of seven days of sandwiches), and then embarked on our drive to Wilmington, VT around 3.


We made good time and pulled into Aunt Jane and Uncle Mike’s place around 7 pm.  We are in love with their little Corgie, Ranger, and he entertained us to no end during our stay.  Uncle Mike grilled us some chicken sausages for supper, and then we stuffed ourselves with Reese’s ice cream (YES!)  Uncle Mike and I chatted some about potential career opportunities with the NPS after I graduate, and we did a little reading and watched some of “Jarhead.”  This was our first of many nites of no cell service—we and our kin love them boonies!  Dee and I crashed pretty early and pretty hard because we were zonked from our heavy driving and I had gotten up at 5 am to run 17 mi that morning.  We enjoyed the sleep of the dead in a pair of twin beds upstairs.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The next morning we got up around 8 and devoured some of Aunt Ellen’s delish homemade granola with blueberries, and then donned our hiking boots for a jaunt up Haystack Mtn., right behind Jane and Mike’s house.  My knees/legs were screaming a little bit since I had promised them a rest day after the long run, but the day was lovely and crisp and cool, and a hike was the perfect way to spend the morning.  We got on the 4.8 mi round trip trail around 9, and reached the top in a little less than an hour.  We powered right along to keep up with Uncle Mike’s clip, and enjoyed chattering away and watching Ranger bound along the trail.  He probably climbed 3-4 mountains to our one!  The hike was moderate; we had steep patches and flat rocky sections, and only had to use our hands to scramble over rocks at the very top.  The vistas were great, and Uncle Mike pointed out a nearby lake that he and Jane and Ranger snowshoe on in the winter.  We bounded down and ate a lunch of turkey sandwiches, grapes, and carrots on their deck overlooking their beautiful yard.

Our cousin Kate arrived after lunch, and Jane, Kate, Dee, and I drove about 30 mins to pick 10 pints of organic blueberries at a daylily farm.  They were so friggin good!  I must’ve downed at least a pint in my picking frenzy.  I almost started to feel guilty about my gorging until I realized how absolutely pleased with it I was.  We headed back to the house and Kate and Dee and I walked down to the “Clubhouse” to lie in the sun and swim while Aunt Jane planted the raspberries Mom had sent down for her.  We lazed on chairs and read (the “Myth of Sisyphus” for me, what was I thinking?), swam in the indoor pool, went back to the outdoor pool, and then basked in the sauna before we left.  Since we were so high up, the sun was pretty intense despite the cool air, and we certainly got some color.  We walked back up the steep hill to the house and took quick quick quick showers (since their water tank had been struck by lightning a couple days before) and ate tons of steak and corn on the cob.  After supper we went to this place called Wahoo’s for ice cream and the ‘tives showed Dee and I some of the countryside.  Vermont is beautiful.  The landscape was scenic, the weather was nice, and we enjoyed catching up with family.

Wilmington, VT

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dee and I got up around 8 again to the smell of blueberry pancakes cooking downstairs.  OH YES PLEASE!  We devoured a few with VT maple syrup and platefuls of fruit salad, and then bid farewell to the Carys. We drove into downtown Wilmington to explore a little bit before we left, and had a jolly ol’ time.  We first got real touristy and went into a gift shop to see what we could see.  We ended up buying a HUGE hunk of PB-chocolate fudge, probably ¾ lb, and started slicing off pieces right away.

We kept checking out Main St. and eventually found the bead store, “Bead It,” that we had noticed the day before.  Such a great little shop!  We spent probably an hour in there, and we each ended up with a single bead and some ribbon/silk to fashion super cute necklaces.

my beadDeidre's bead

Shortly after, we left Wilmington and found ourselves in Bennington.  We followed signs to the Bennington Battle Memorial, and were totally wow-ed by its 20-story height.  The gift shop was selling tickets for admission into the Memorial, so we paid our $2 (and bought some VT maple syrup; we just couldn’t resist after those pancakes!), and caught a ride in the elevator up to the top.  Windows on all four sides of the monument allowed us to see long distances to various locales, like Massachusetts and the Green Mountains.

After this neat little detour, we hopped in the Blueberry (my Civic), and crossed into New York.  My sister loves to pee all the time, so we made a bajillion stops at service stations along the way.  The traffic was pretty thick at a few points, and cute boys in a big yellow truck stuck themselves out the windows and amused us as we crept along.  We hugged the Erie Canal for a good portion of the drive, and tried to remember how we knew the song “15 miles on the Erie Canal” and what the hell the rest of the lyrics were.

We rolled into the hood of Geneva, NY around 5, and were greeted by not only Aunt Ellen and Uncle Kevin, but also our cousins Dorothy and Dianne, who miraculously happened to both be home at the exact time that we were visiting!  After unloading our stuff in the upstairs guest bedroom, we ate SO MUCH FOOD!  (Are you sensing the pattern here?)  They had cooked a HAM, as well as a 3-bean salad, a spicy corn salad, and a beet and feta salad.  We then had brownies and ice cream for dessert.  Our relatives are awesome!  After supper we chilled upstairs with the girls, and tried on some clothes they no longer wanted/needed.  Dee and I made out like bandits and pretty much re-filled our stock of jeans for the next couple years.

Soon after, we crashed, but had a little trouble sleeping since Dee likes to sleep pretty much on top of me and I like to sprawl my limbs all over the bed.  Also, this kid mumbles random mumbo jumbo all nite long and pops her teeth like a friggin bear.  I have to hear her talking the entire day, and then she keeps at it through half the nite too! 😛  I don’t know how she gets any rest.  Nevertheless, sleeping with her kept me from throwing my arms up in the air and waking up with dead limbs, which was a huge plus.  We went to bed excited, knowing that the next day we’d be oohing and ahhing over Niagara Falls!



  1. Wow….looks like you and your sis had so much fun on your roadtrip! I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont. I think it’s the only one of the New England states I’ve never been to before. Maybe one of these days, I’ll make it out there…preferably in time for fall foliage season! 🙂

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