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blue ponchos

9 August 2010

Geneva, New York

Monday: Day 4

We got our lazy bums up and at ‘em at a leisurely 8 am, and took  even more leisurely showers at the Mitchells’, since the Carys’ water tank had been hit by lightning and we’d had to abstain from being too clean to conserve water.  Dorothy and Dianne graciously waited for us to indulge in 15+ min showers before letting them into the bathroom, and then we noshed on granola + yogurt + blueberry muffins, and the multivitamins Aunt Ellen had set out on our placemats (cute!)  We got on the road to Niagara Falls (Or Viagra Falls, as Deidre craftily wrote in the postcard to our rents…) about 10, and arrived there around 12.  On the way we jammed to “Getting Jiggy With It” over and over and got caught up and shared good gossip, etc.  We dined on our turkey sandwiches and carrots, and then trotted over to the Falls area.  Apparently some relatives from our dad’s side, who were en route to Maine from Alaska, were at Niagara Falls on the same day– whoa coincidences!

she's really a joy

In short, Niagara Falls is really cool.  We did lots of walking and picture-taking.  Down at the water level are some abandoned structures with windows, and the inquisitive, but gullible, Dee asked me what they were for.  I told her that the Canadian government kept prisoners there, and that they raised the water level at nite to drown them in their cells.  She was aghast at the atrocities the Canadians are capable of.  Muahahaha.

Canadian atrocities!

We four cousins continued to walk around to the viewing tower, and took the elevator down to the Maid of the Mist.  We were given the famed blue ponchos, which let me say, are not very good at wicking moisture, and happily crowded onto the boat.  We cruised near to the Falls and took a bazillion photos.  The scenery took my breath away.  All I could think about was looking at the rocks with all the water removed and how the geography was formed and what remains of things are down below the water, just constantly pushed and tumbled and polished by the torrential rush of so many gallons.  We followed up this wonder of wonders with another wonderful thing: ice cream!  Dee and I tried “Panda Paws,” and were supremely satisfied.


ready to get splashy

lens getting wet

As we left, the rain broke thru—perfect timing!  We made a stop at a mall near the Mitchells’ place on our way back, and Dee and I made some purchases in a Reebok.  Purple/loose running shorts, score!  Next we made our Wegman’s debut and picked up some roasted taters for supper.  Supper tonite consisted of STEAK and corn on the cob.  Again, let me reiterate, our relatives are awesome.  Dee and I ate so well during the first few days of our trip that we almost didn’t mind living on cheese puffs, marshmallows, and iced coffees the rest of the trip.  Dot and Dit and Dee and I grabbed a movie after watching Jeopardy (you know you love that show), and enjoyed brownies and ice cream while watching “Brothers.”  We were pretty zonked, so headed to bed afterward.  Dee and I had a rough nite because of different temperature preferences/phone annoyances/miscellaneous problems that arise from sleeping with your sister, but were so thankful to have spent an awe-filled day with some of our favorite cousins!

Tuesday: onto camping in the Berkshires.  County girls let loose in the woods with a knife and a tent!



  1. I fondly remember those blue ponchos….Niagara Falls is a pretty amazing place. Also, I do love Jeopardy. There’s no denying it!

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