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Driving, driving, driving.

Road Trip Chronicles Part IV

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 6

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

After having been awake since 0-dark hundred, I kept a careful eye outside the zippered doggie door of the tent, and as soon as 5:30 am hit and there was enough light to get to the bathroom without my flashlight, I woke Dee up.  We were gonna RUN, baby!  Groggy, but enthusiastic, we changed into our sneakers and set out to explore all the trails the Mo had to offer.  The one closest to our campsite was about a quarter mile jog away, and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves being up early and running.  Well, we hit the trail, and it turned to roots and rocks and steepness.  Deidre’s go get ‘em attitude turned to an “eat shit and die” attitude, in a loving and sisterly way, of course.  We ran for about 40 seconds before we were huffing and puffing.  I was loving the hike and bouncing right along, pointing out frogs and slugs and making appreciative “ooh,” “ahh,” “gasp” noises about the impending sunrise over the forested hills.  Dee didn’t really care about the forested hills or the impending sunrise; she cared about getting her heart rate back to 60 or lower.  Up and up and up we went, getting sweatier and sweatier.  Poor Dee’s stomach hurt, and in an effort to bolster her spirits, I frequently guessed that we were merely minutes from the top.  Of course I was also frequently wrong, until about the 7th guess, when we really did reach the top.  The sun was just up ahead, and we could see it peaking through the trees around us.  We took a quick look, and then bustled our way back down.  Toward the bottom, Dee got a slug on her shirt, and freaked out in a sort of squealing/tribal dance way that will last forever in the “gross/unfortunate/terrifying things that happen to Dee that I think are really hilarious” file in my brain.  All in all, the hike was about 2.5-3 mi round trip, and I got Dee to admit that she felt pretty satisfied by the time we got back down!  *Yay endorphins*

I scarfed down a muffin we’d gotten at Wegman’s the day before, and then we made a beeline to our personal pool.  There’s not much else like having a cool river pool to yourselves at sunrise after a tough hike.  We jumped in and did a few laps, and that little swim served as our shower for the day.  On our way back to our campsite, we passed a guy we had seen the day before.  He commented on our early bird-ness, and we told him we had been up before dawn for a hike.  He looked amazed, and I boastfully hooted, “We’re from MAINE!”  I made sure not to tell him that I still have to plug my nose when I jump in the water, and then Dee and I probably high-fived at this point.

We got back to the campsite and devoured some of the roadside stand fruit we’d picked up on our way to the Mo the day before: peaches, plums, and some combination of a cantaloupe and a mango made by Disney/Pixar (?!)  The fruit was delicious (we made sure to select pieces NOT being devoured by fruit flies), and we felt ready to seize the day.  We packed up the camping gear and hit the road.

Drive, drive, drive.  Stop at Salmon Falls while still in Mass.

Drive, drive, drive.  Stop at a sheepskin shop on the side of the road and covet moccasins.

of course we had to stop!

Drive, drive, drive.  Stop at McDonald’s for an iced coffee with three drops of coffee and three hundred pieces of ice.  Drive, drive, drive.  Take some Cosmo quizzes; apparently my style of lovin’ is like Rihanna’s.  Hmm.  Drive, drive, drive.  Stop at a Mobil so Dee can pee.  Drive, drive, drive.  “HEY we’re in Connecticut, this state is kind of ugly.”  Drive, drive, drive.  Dee chatters to her boyfriend about the style of kitchen she wants in their future home, while I gag and turn up the radio and try to defend my car from crazed Connecticut drivers.  Drive, drive, drive.  Finally in New London!

At this point, Dee and I feel like crap.  We haven’t slept, we haven’t eaten anything for lunch but blueberries and liquefied Hershey bars, and we have been sitting in a car forevvvvvver.  Plus, it’s a thousand degrees outside.  You think I’m lying?  No, I don’t have the capacity to lie.  That beach was a thousand degrees.  Poor Deidre (and poor me): her deodorant melted!   Nonetheless, we were thrilled not to have been shot up on our way through New London, and were determined to enjoy Ocean Beach, pretty much our only stop in the entire state of Connecticut.  We carried out towels and reading material and water across the scalding sand and set up shop in close proximity to one of the male lifeguards.  For safety purposes.

We lay out and tanned and read and jumped in the ocean.  The water wasn’t even frigid, so we frolicked some and felt thoroughly refreshed.  I was having a grand time trying to catch ctenophores (another type of gelatinous zooplankton) and show them to Dee, because I cannot pass up a chance to educate about zooplankton, when she started to flail her arms, causing me to flail my arms, since flailing is contagious.  There was a jelly in the water, and this ain’t no moon jelly!  We alerted the parents/young child nearby, and decided we felt like getting out of the water and lying on our towels a little longer.

killer jelly! (maybe)

After a bit, we were all hot and greasy with sunscreen again, so we decided to brave the jelly-infested water.

oh just sweatin' on the beach

We were SO glad we did and were inching into the water/bopping up and down over the waves as they crashed in, until Eagle Eye Dee spotted a SHARK!  Well, we’re not sure it was a shark, but it sure looked like a sand shark to us.  It was big, and swimming around our feet, and holy heck, we decided we were ready to go check out the pool.  Unfortunately the pool cost $5 to enter, and County girls don’t shell out that kind of dough to swim in pee-infested waters, so we splashed around this little sprinkler park and then took a ride down the FAST level water slide.  It wasn’t that fast, but it was still a scream-inducer, so we’ll call it a success.

thanks for the memories, Ocean Beach

After a few hours at Ocean Beach, we were ready to get the eff out of Connecticut.  Next stop: Providence!  We piled back into the Blueberry, and drove north.  After not too long, we ended up in a random parking lot in Providence.  We had no idea where we were going to eat, so we just paid to park and started walking.  Providence is a pretty cool city, and we marveled at the shops we passed by.  We finally decided on a little pub on some corner.

our supper selection

Dee made healthy choices and ordered a salad, and I asked for chicken alfredo.

girl's got good taste


After a yummy supper, we went to Coldstone.  YAY!  I don’t think either one of us had been to a Coldstone since the last time Dee came to visit Bowdoin a couple years ago, so we both indulged in a “Like It” size of our favorite flavor: Cake Batter.  I had crushed Oreos in mine and Dee had Kit Kat pieces in hers.  That kid loves her Kit Kats:)  We wondered over to a fountain and enjoyed the evening summer air.  The couple sitting on a bench beside the fountain giggled at us as we repeatedly almost fell backwards into the fountain.  And that was our time in Rhode Island!

aww sisters


Now back into Massachusetts.  We pulled into my apartment in Cambridge around 9:30 or so.  Throughout the day, I had been feeling increasingly bleary-eyed, but I chalked it up to physical exertion and lack of sleep, rubbed my eyes a little, and just left it at that.  But as we stepped outside the car,  I felt a stinging pain in my right eye.  I looked in the rearview and there was a bug in there.  This situation wouldn’t have been nearly so revolting, except that I knew this bug had been in my eye the entire day.  We’re talking since 7 am.  As we were leaving the Mo State Forest, I told Dee a bug had just flown in my eye and asked her if she could see it.  She said, “oh yeah, it’s just on your cheek,” so I wiped my cheek and went on with my day.  But in reality, that little bastard was still in my eye, and swam around in there all day.  Nasty nasty nasty.  After about 10 minutes of digging, I finally scraped that thing out.  Ahh sweet  relief.  This anecdote may seem irrelevant to our trip, but NO, when there is a foreign body stuck somewhere in your face that it should not be, especially if this foreign body is/ever was alive, the situation reaches emergency level, and the relief felt upon removal of this previously living foreign body was tantamount to my feelings upon witnessing Niagara Falls.  Pretty sure I raised up a “Hallelujah,” even.

We got inside and my roommate Tanya was happily awaiting us.  Our other roommate was gone, so she’d been alone all week and had made brownies in anticipation of our arrival!  Best roommate award!  Dee and I chilled on the couch, started to watch “Next,” because our dad is obsessed with this movie and wanted me to see it (I recommend, by the way), and then we crashed.  I slept soundly in my own bed, Dee happily chattered away in gibberish, and all was right with the world.

taken in vermont. but we still like each other in massachusetts.




  1. You were ready to get the EFF out of CT after only a few hours? Imagine how I felt…I was stuck there a whole year! LOL. Also, that story about the bug being stuck in your eye is crazy! Ewwwwww…..I’m glad you got it out before you got an infection or anything of that nature.

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