Posted by: rachelanne229 | November 1, 2010

food, obviously

i have a thing coming on.  one of those times where you’re just ready for a change.  you’ve done something the same way for awhile and now you’re just ready to bust out of the mold and attack something new!  well, that’s how i feel.  the catalyst for this new feeling has been halloween.  and my need for running, of course.  because running is pretty much the coolest part of my life.  and that’s not sad, that’s something i’m really proud of.

so here it is.  i ate a diabetes-inducing HUGE ASS amount of sugar these past few days.  cupcakes, pumpkin chip cookies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, donuts dangling from a string, reese’s, pumpkin cake with orange frosting, apple cider, SPIKED apple cider mmm hmmm hmmm ;), a million harpoon IPAs, chocolate pudding and gummy worms, and the list goes on.  yes, i have a sweet tooth.  i have many of them, in fact.  now i feel like i never want to eat sugar again (until wednesday, anyway), and i have this bouncy idea that i want to start going crazy in the kitchen with new dishes.  new healthy dishes that don’t involve sugar.  ones that involve veggies and meat and pasta, but in that good-for-you, delicious kind of way.

a couple days ago, i read this guy’s blog that said, “i could look at a meaty slice of pizza and a bean burrito, and choose the burrito.”  well, i like bean burritos!  i could friggin do that too!  maybe i just will!  maybe i will go out and get a bunch of cool and new and innovative ingredients and make some bean burritos.  some avacado wraps.  some chickpea and corn and chicken thing that hasn’t been invented yet.  i’ll probably throw some cranberries in there too. who knows– how about that, some cranberries!  it’s about busting out the creative side again.

when i was a kid, i wanted to be 3 things: an olympic swimmer, an artist, and a chef.  well, we all can see that the swimmer thing just ain’t gonna pan out for me, but i can reach on into that creative chunk of me with some cool little cooking tricks.  not that my staple meals aren’t good.  i love good food, and i couldn’t really have it any other way.  tomato, basil, sausage pizza.  baked mac and cheese.  MEATLOAF!  ricotta and broccoli rigatoni.  balsamic chicken and salad.  barley soup.  southwestern pork tenderloin.  but cooking for one is a little lame, and i tend to have these things over and over.   i come home at the end of the day, all tired out from science and students and school, and just want food, and i friggin want it now, ya know?

so if i ever get a spare moment in my life, i am gonna start brainstorming some new meals.  some flavorful and healthy (and cheap?!) ingredients.  and my foot is feeling all healed up, so it’s about time for stepping up the running too.  i’ve noticed that the more i run, the healthier i eat, the more work i feel motivated to do, and the happier and more awesome i am as a person.  i don’t need to do the stats to know that the p-value on that is totally <0.05.  not to sound like a *gasp* health freak or anything, but running and eating right, and drinking tons of water, just makes me feel…good:)  i’ve heard getting plenty of sleep helps too;  hopefully i can try that soon.

MEAL IDEAS WELCOME.  make them awesome and delicious!  i don’t do seafood and don’t really like cheese.  definitely no eggplant, or eggs, for that matter, but anything else is fair game!



  1. After my tour Monday, I made to bean burritos and drank half a bottle of white wine. Now I don’t drink alcohol so me little tummy and head is not exactly tip top.

    The reason I drank the old bottle of toxin was …… well why not. I have been holding on to it since I purchased several bottle while island hoping around the Eastern Caribbean Island. I just turned twenty one I though that was a good way to celebrate.

    I should have given it to my live stock.

  2. Gasp! You don’t like eggs or cheese? That wipes out about 80% of my meal ideas.Seriously, I’m ALL about the cheese. Lol….can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Something I like:
    1 cup red quinoa, cook it and mix it in a bowl with
    2 cups gently steamed broccoli and (half leave in chunks, half puree in processor)
    1 whole avocado in chunks
    spice with ground black pepper
    smashed clove of garlic
    2 squirts lemon
    1 tbs olive oil
    slivered almonds

    mix all together and enjoy! Quinoa is really high in protein.

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