Posted by: rachelanne229 | December 19, 2010

sexiest songs ever, an even dozen.

1.) closing time– semisonic

few songs have so many lyrics that are so delicious.  a sampling: “finish your whiskey or beer,” “i know who i want to take me home,” “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” great to sing along to, great to pine to.

2.) red on a rose– alan jackson

this song fills up my heart.  if a man sang it to me, i would die.  in that good way.

3.) big green tractor– jason aldean

appeals to the soft spot in my heart for country boys and farm equipment.  jason aldean is exciting, in a comfy kind of way.

4.) rude boy– rihanna

put him in his place, girl!  like this one on repeat a few times.

5.) country boy– alan jackson

speaking of country boys…alan jackson is the biggest of them all.  he gets two spots on this list, this time for his clever use of innuendo.  “ohh, i see what you did there– ‘climb in my bed, i’ll take you for a ride.'” his voice is smooth, his lyrics remind me of my home turf, and i would have 10 of his babies if his wife didn’t mind.

6.) can’t help falling in love– elvis presley

what can i say that has not already been said by hot and bothered women swooning over this song throughout the decades?  like the non-country version of AJ, elvis melts my heart. 

7.) ayo technology– 50 cent

this one came out while i was in australia and drinking a lot of free beer.  oh, the memories.

8.) animals– nickelback

they’re animals.  it’s all about tempo in this one.

9.) feeling good– performed by michael buble

i don’t think this is about a woman.  regardless, a definite mood-setter here.  swingy and confident.

10.) big poppa– the notorious b.i.g.

don’t judge me, just let it happen.

11.) sweetest goodbye– maroon 5

love her up one more time before she leaves you.  hot.

12.) love hurts– incubus

love this song so much.  i have it in a playlist repeated 7 times.  just the intro can get me riled up.  “tonight we drink to youth,” “but sometimes it’s a good hurt,” “la la las” at the end.  sing it to me, sweetheart.



  1. I would LOVE to see more of your running playlist!!! I’m always on the search for new tunes.

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