Posted by: rachelanne229 | January 2, 2011

onward and upward

what i think of when i think of 2010:


phoenix landing, getting bowled over by a dog at fresh pond and sitting out running for a couple months

february:  valentine’s day?  does anything of note happy in this month?


new bedford half marathon, my first!


the joining of DAILYMILE!, TAing, family visiting boston


collecting jellyfish with my advisor near the aquarium and her making a left turn into oncoming traffic.  my jellyfish all died and i spent a nite in the hospital with bruised ribs and a liver laceration.  these massachusetts drivers!


getting more jellyfish and working on my jelly staining experiments, lots of reading and running outside, Deidre graduates from PIHS!


erica and paige came down for lady gaga, Roger Williams Park and Zoo


EPIC SISTERLY NEW ENGLAND ROADTRIP!  7 states, 10 days: hiking in vermont, beaching in connecticut, supper in rhode island (it’s a small state!), camping in the berkshires, chilling in new york with cousins at niagara falls, climbing Mt. Washington in new hampshire, eating pastries in maine.


back to school for the last time, alan jackson with Mom, and cake concert with Matt


Maine Marathon!!! my first. 18D2 halloween party, thesis writing, EEOS Association co-president.


Thanksgiving at home, NOAA research cruise, the Tidewater Inn in Hyannis


cirque le masque, 23rd birthday with friends, grading frenzy, home for Christmas, Erica and Caston get engaged!

these are the highlights, the really big things that molded me in 2010.  lots of firsts this year and movement in the right direction as far as running, schooling, and relationships go.

i haven’t really detailed any resolutions for 2011, except maybe hitting 1500 mi on the running front.  it’s going to be a year of transition.  i will graduate, hopefully in june, but maybe in august or december.  i’ll probably move, to who knows where, and i will necessarily get a job, also at who knows where.  i’m feeling like a senior in college all over again, and this chaotic jumble of obligations and worries is rubbing me the wrong way.  i feel antsy and restless, and just want answers about the direction my life will take.  instead of becoming inspired by the possibilities, i sometimes get overwhelmed by all the loose ends.  as the semester starts up again and gathers momentum, i’m trying to focus on my faith, my friends and family, and my running to keep me sane and stay the course.

things always work themselves out, especially if you buck up and keep your head on straight.

“whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”  –Henry Ford

on the wildest of days, there's still a little peace to be found


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