Posted by: rachelanne229 | February 25, 2011

i didn’t pee the bed!

last nite i found myself patronizing a drinking establishment near harvard square with my roommate and his friend.  i remember looking down on the table, and thinking, wow, that’s a lot of glasses full of alcohol!  and then i found myself back in our apartment kitchen, slathering ritz crackers with funfetti frosting and washing them down with allagash.  you get the picture.

so i find my way to bed around 3 am.  i did laundry yesterday and my sheets were off my bed, but i was way too “tired” to actually make up my bed, and i threw down a sheet and some blankets and called it good.  now, i have never admitted a thing like this online before, but i decided it’s time to bite the bullet and share.  i tend to get very chilly at nite, and so to keep me toasty in bed, i fill up a couple of hot water bottles and tuck ’em in next to me.  it’s really not weird, OK?!

so i did this last nite, and konked out.  around 6:30 or something, i really don’t remember, i woke up and had to pee.  i got out of bed and my pj pants were completely soaked and warm.  “ewww, i’m so sweaty!!!” i thought.  then i realized that no one could sweat enough liquid to be able to ring it out of your underwear.  “oh no…i friggin peed on myself!” came next, but then i realized i had a really full bladder, and thankfully ruled that one out.

befuddled, i went to the bathroom, then peeled off my soaking clothes.  one side of my bed was wet, and the other one was just a little damp, so i laid a towel down on the other side and went back to sleeping.  as i lay there, my brain fog started to undo itself, and i reached over and felt a warm hunk of glugging rubber beside me.  that little biatch leaked in my bed!  i lept out of bed and turned on the light, and lo and behold, that hot water bottle had a tiny little hole and had sloshed all over the place.

this is the second time my HWB has effectively wet my bed for me.  luckily i still have one more;)



  1. You. are such a nerd. Love you!

  2. Sure…blame the hot water bottle…


  3. sure SOUNDED like it though! funny post!

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